1 May 2020, in the middle of the lockdown.

⁠ "Cancellations and lack of production orders hit many companies, in various sectors, during the spring lockdown. Many artisans were no longer able to return to their workshops, not because of the restrictions, as many live there in their shop, but because brought to my knees by the cancellation of orders from international customers. So I was constantly thinking about how I could support and revalue one of the most envied traditions globally: making shoes and making them well! ⁠ "

"The name Lordh derives from this, that is the desire to put artisan hands first of all, supporting them during the production process and identifying modern and large-scale sales channels. The first goal is to serve the contemporary dandy, creating for him creations in step with the times, accompanying him in his daily life. 

Lordh (person dressed in a distinct manner) and H (hands). I wanted to update this term, taking it out of the classic and set canons and making it more modern.

"Lordh wants to create focus on national craftsmanship.
The project has great goals and ambitions, primarily to support the MADE IN ITALY, bringing back international customers and Italians themselves to buy Italian and to keep this art that is fading elsewhere. "⁠

"We want to show the hands and hearts that are behind every single creation, taking care of them. We want to be promoters and motivators of generational change in Italy, inspiring and motivating young enthusiasts like us to support the master craftsmen in the shops, getting closer and closer to be part of a fantastic world that bears the name of "creativity"! "

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