Hands that wisely dance giving each pair a thousand shades. Artisans or artists?

"The beauty of an object comes largely from its patina. More than the break between ancient and modern, what gives consistency to our life and makes it acceptable is the patina of time. The certainty that things and places perish peacefully. This is an aesthetic "degrowth", a principle that sees the trace of their beauty in transience. "- Roberto Peregalli -

Each creation is made by experts master artisans with whom we share values and ideals:

We are in Neapolitan district, where artisan tradition and know-how are preserved. Here the most precious secrets of leather processing crust. This leather in white, with the appearance of a white canvas in front of the artist, it lends itself to being worked with dyes, creams and waxes and gives shades ed antiquing unrepeatable and timeless.

We want nurture a tradition artisan that is fading elsewhere.
Let's start from here to show this one excellence, with the'ambition to be able to do it with all the rare abilities of artisans of Italy!